Run with Pringles: Tempo Run

When I woke up my first thought was, “It’s raining! Maybe Golden is right and the organizers offered Pringles instead of eggs at Sta. Clara.”

5:15am. It was drizzling at BHS. Mesh and I saw Dindo (our college blockmate). He joined us and had a brief chat about … what else, running. We were all hoping that the drizzling would stop. We all arrived early because we wanted to warm-up before the race. It’s such a short race and if we wanted to hit our target pace safely we need a good warm-up.

5:45am. It stopped. When we got to the check-in area, Dindo and I thought about doing a quick warm-up but decided against it because the race might start on time. I decided to just jog in place.

6:00am. Even with the bad weather, the race was still well attended. We checked in and a few seconds later we heard a bullhorn. The crowd started moving. We were in the middle of the pack so it took us a few seconds to cross the starting line. Mesh and I went in oppossite directions and ended up losing each other. in the pack. After 100m, we were running side by side again.

I planned to do a 6min/km pace. When I checked the Polar at Km1, I was surprised to see that I was hitting 5:15min/km. I wasn’t breathless and my stride was pretty even. I decided to stick to the 5:15-5:30min/km pace. At the first downhill of Lawton Avenue, I tried to relax to open up my stride (a little bit of chi running coming into play) and was able to hit 4:45min/km. Wow! When the course climbed again, I dropped back to 5:15.

At Km3, I experienced my first PPoint. I slowed down to 5:45, focused on my form and took a few deep breaths. Thank goodness it worked. Dindo passed me and then he maintained his 40m lead up to the finish line. I tried to catch up … hehehe competitive … but my legs can only go so fast.

Km4 was the hardest for me.  I had another Ppoint . I was so tempted to relax my pace or walk just a bit. To keep me going, I decided to focus on my form. I was thinking …  keep the chi flowing, lean forward and relax. I kept repeating this to myself. I was so happy to see the finish line.

I also realized that I had a good tempo run. I was maintaining my pace but I didn’t have enough juice for a sprint to the finish. I crossed the finish line satisfied.

At the finish line, we received water and a sports drink. Those who ran with a Pringles can, got their free Pringles. I brought a can with me but decided it would be too awkward to run with a can.

Mesh came in a few seconds after me. Sorry, still no picture of you crossing the finish line. We should just get Juanie to wake up early or not sleep at all so we can have nice finish line photos.

We tried to wait for the awarding but it started to rain again. Didnt get to see PR and TLR…masyado siguro mabilis. 😛

When were were leaving BHS, we saw the runners of the Market!Market! 5Mile Run. It was a longer race and sadly quite a few of them got drenched because it started to pour down really hard again at 7am.

Overall, I liked this race. It was short and I liked the rolling terrain. They had water where they said they will put a water station and they have water and a sports drink at the finish line.

My Polar registered 5.14km. My unofficial time is 27:13min.


16 thoughts on “Run with Pringles: Tempo Run

  1. hey bananarunning, I missed this run… natakot sa konting ulan hehehe sayang, was looking forward pa naman to this run kasi this would have been my 1st less than 10km race (di naka PR sana ako 🙂 , and was hoping to meet you sana and other runners… well, may next races pa naman. Congrats on a great run!

  2. ei bananarunning…nakasabay kita sa last stretch..gagawa sana ako ng something para maisama mo sa kwento mo dito doing the cart wheel…:) run babati na ako… btw, you got details for the JAL fun fun on the 15th of June?

  3. TLR – you have a bigger target race. kung ako rin mag first full this June, I wouldnt have risked getting sick and missing training days. good luck on your PR attempt sa Doc Fit.

    Langis – ey! ikaw ba yung tall guy in green who kept on passing me on the left? hirap na hirap ako dun kasi mabilis. Hehe promise, kung nagcartwheel ka, may sarili kang blog entry at feature. Say hi if you see me next time. See you at the next race!

  4. WHAT CAN I SAY? WELL IS A GREAT RUN THAT IT WILL MAKE ME STILL TO JOIN FUN RUN IN THE COMING RUN OF THIS YEAR AND THE YEARS TO COME. I STARTED TO JOIN THE RUN YEAR 2005. And it make me to join and to train myself in marathon RUN. Thanks. see you all in the next run

    >>true! last sunday was fun. well organised races really encourage runners to keep coming back for more. happy racing. see you at the races!

  5. Haha, ako ba si PR na sinasabi mo or personal record? 🙂

    I didn’t get to join this race. I went on a trip to UP Los Baños and Tagaytay. I decided to run out of town. Bitin kasi kung 5km lang. I did almost 10km in Tagaytay. Sarap ng weather! Next stop, Baguio… kung kaya at kung may oras pa. Hehe

    I hope to see you at DocFit 🙂

    >>ito mas confusing pa… PR, Sunday was a PR at naka PR pa ako. 😛 read your running adventure sa Tagaytay. Slightly baliw, but something na napag-isipan na namin. our version is tagaytay to nasugbu pero with friends naman to support us. Enjoy DocFit! Wont race this weekend, long run muna.

  6. Passion Runner, Sunday was a Pringles Run at naka Personal Record pa ako 😛 Tama ba? Haha… WOW, how far is Tagaytay to Nasugbu? Sila Ben, aka Photographer on the Run, suggested to do Taal Lake (Talisay) to Tagaytay… mga 6km lang daw pero pamatay yong uphill. Hehe

  7. Korek!

    I dont know how far ang Tagaytay to Nasugbu. Talisay to Tagaytay. pede rin … of course post run kainan ang iniisip ko. ;P

  8. dong … inaaway ka. 😛 hamunin mo ng habulan. i will give you one clue kung sino si hotdog. kulot din sya at hindi si bambam

  9. Aba, ngayon ko lang nabasa ito! Hmm….si hotdog ba yung ka-building ko ng office?

    Sa Manila half-marathon na lang kami magkita! Hahaha! 🙂

  10. uhmm…si Hansel? Hehehe…ka-building ko nga sya, nakikita ko minsan sa canteen namin.

    Hi Erskine! Long time no see, magpakita ka naman. Sali ka uli ng race!

  11. DATC … mukhang fit ka naman eh… (bawi)… hindi ko pa kaya half marathon, sa mizuno na lang tayo magkita. sabi ni bananarunning meron daw next month.

  12. Hey hotdogswaying, did you like my wet see-through singlet?! 😎

    You should definitely join mizuno, babawi ang organizers for sure. I’ll join kung makalakad pa ako after my half.

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