Flu Vac

Flu Vac

I’m getting my flu vac on Friday. I’m so scared. I don’t mind the needle and getting the shot. I’m afraid I might get sick after the shot and I won’t be able to race on Sunday.

It happened last year. I got the flu vac and I ended up feverish afterwards. Then a few months later, I got what I call the fake flu — all the flu symptoms but without the temperature. So why get it? Hay!

For 2 years in a row now, Mesh and I would have this conversation with very little variation.

Bards : I’m getting the flu vac on <insert day>.

Mesh  : Why are you getting it again, akala ko ba it makes you sick?

Bards : Ksi nga, what if I dont get it tapos I get a strange flu strain and infect the whole office.

Mesh  : Tapos, 2 months from now you will say you’re not feeling well. That you have the flu symptoms without the temperature.

Bards : True. Me and my superego talaga. Sige pag this time I get the fake flu again no more flu vac na talaga next year.

<Repeat next year>

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Flu Vac

  1. Bards, I got my flu shot last month and I went swimming pa that day and the day after. Good luck na walang effect sayo and see you at pringles!

  2. Light rain is the best weather for distance running in these latitudes, in my experience. The ambient air and the pavement cool down, the pedestrians flee the sidewalks, and the skin is cooled by precipitation, rather than perspiration. In my other sport in lieu of flu vacs they would push us out to run under downpours to sort of build up our immunity, since we sometimes have to climb in the rain all day. But I would not recommend running in heavy rain as your trainers get soaked and the road becomes treacherous 🙂

  3. Dong – naku! good luck talaga. see ya sa pringles.

    Cecil – A friend did tell me that its actually fun to run pag may konti rain. Im planning to get a light waterproof jacket with hoodie. I could have done my easy run yesterday but there was a bit of drizzle so I didnt push it. I completed 200kms … the jacket will be my reward. yey!

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