Shorter Long Run+

Wake up text from Vicky came in at 3:30AM. Cross-eyed sleepy, I decided to give myself 30 more minutes. Crawled out of bed at 4am to send the rest of T2 their wake up text. Argh! I dont have bananas. Will just passby 7-11 to get pre-run food.

430am … Mesh, Vicky, Beni and Harry have joined the land of the awake. On my way to BHS, Kristine and Kathy finally texted. They are running late but will be joining. Mesh was at BHS and texted, “BHS tayo di ba?” Hmmm nagdrive na tulog?

Yey! Full force ang T2. (minus Tin, miss ka namin sobra na.)

When I got to BHS, the Action and Fitness Fun Run is beginning to set up. Earlier we decided to do our long run instead of joining this race. (Sayang, parang they had nice giveaways, pero not a very good attendance though. At 530, they still had very few runners.)

After fiddling will all our gadgets and pre-run preps, we finally started at 5:36am. Our target is to run 12-17km at 7:30min/km. The route will be the Mizuno route without the Heritage bit and then around BHS.

At Km3 (down Bayani Road) our different paces separated us. Beni, Mesh and Harry at the lead, me and vicky in the middle and Kristine and Kathy at the end. See Kathy … nice and slow and no crash (plus Gatorade pala). Congrats!  Woohoo tara Half na tayo!

Km6 Taho break again. The lead pack waited for us and Beni treated us to taho this time. Tenchu-tenchu!

Up Heritage, powered by Taho I was telling them about an abandoned airplane I visited yesterday. And then I was sinking. *Blech* Putik!  Madaldal and not looking where I was going again. My poor Mizunos covered with mud. 😦 I had to stop twice and clean my mizunos because they said the mud will harden and make the shoes heavier. Thanks for waiting for me friends. Argh. On the positive side, they said now I will have trail shoes. *Badoink*

Near Mckinley Hill we wondered if we needed to pull the “Open House” line again. Tried a different trick this time, I waved to the guard and pointed towards the Mckinley Rd. He nodded! Yey! Ive made my peace with this stretch a few weeks back. Kristine said she will soon make her peace with this route. Sa June29 pa Mizuno, you have plenty of time. We still need to make our peace with the Subic route … maybe in June.

At 7-11, we made another pitstop. I liked this run because we had plenty of pitstops 😛 Nice and easy lang with rest stops.

At Km12, Vicky and Beni said they need to go ahead. They will run back to BHS with us but will not complete the 17Ks.

When Harry and I reached the BHS loop, we saw … The Baldrunner … (hehehe starstruck ako! ) BR decided to join us. He said he ran the Anta route but plan to do 16ks. It was aliw to run with BR. He shared running tips with us and the stressed the importance of a good running foundation. I pointed to him the rest of T2. While running, a lady in car said hi to BR. hehehe Pinoy Running Icon talaga!

After 1 big loop, we decided to end our run. Work, lack of sleep, the sun and tamad factor all coming in to play. We said bye-bye to BR and left the loop.

Completed 15Ks in 2:13. Shorter than 17ks but its still a long run. The “+”  is of course running with BR.

Special thanks to the lady crew at Bo’s who gave us cold cold water after our run. Plugging, try their choco fudge cookie … heavenly!


6 thoughts on “Shorter Long Run+

  1. Hey, Bards! it was nice running with you and Harry. I finished 18K this morning and ended at my quarters in Ft Bonifacio. Before I left BHS loop, I dropped by the Action & Fitness Expo and met Taki with friends who joined the morning race. I encouraged him & his friends to join the “1,000Km Club”. It was Annalene (“Annalene’s Story”) who greeted us aboard a car. Hope to see you & your group again in that route. Happy running!

    >Ey 18K, great run! See you around BHS again. Btw, looking forward to see the 1000km shirt.

  2. Waaaah!!! SUper duper inggit ako! Miss you guys too!! x 1,000,000,000. Walang maka-relate sa kabaliwan ko sa running. SOmebody has to teach me to do the Jedi mind trick so I wont falter when doing my runs on the treadmill…paano nga ba?

  3. so we are calling on Jedi mind tricks now 😛 Hay, treadmill running is sobrang kabaliw. Noon na strictly treadmill lang ako, kapag 1 hour or longer, I break it up to 30min segments. Try play with the speed and gradient also. May the force be with you! Btw, the Shoebox is nice naman. Pretty soon you will make it feel homey na rin.

    Runners, any more suggestions? Let’s help Tin.

    Oh btw, you guys know of running groups in Cebu?

  4. yeah, hirap talaga tumakbo sa treadmill. Mas nakakapudpod pa ng sapatos! Kaya I only use it as a last resort.
    Pero that’s what I do also para di mabaliw sa treadmill, modify the different programs, altering the speed, incline. Or better yet, you can use jedi mind tricks to convince other people to take up running too! 🙂

  5. yeah, last week, it kept on raining in the evening, no choice but to run on the treadmill. I can’t do treadmills for longer than 35mins. But last night and today, I told myself, rain or no rain, I’m running outside 🙂

  6. Hpmh! talagang kailangan mong i-reveal na lagger ako no?!??!! Oh well, I think I’m close to accepting the fact that I’m a slowpoke when it comes to running so my satisfaction will have to come from knowing that I finish long distances (not necessarily at top speed).

    Tin! While I was in KL I was forced to run in the gym also (kasi I wasn’t familiar enough with KL to attempt running outside) so I know how you feel. I think I read somewhere that to stimulate your brain while on the treadmill, you can use the built in programs which suddenly change gradient and speed without you knowing in advance…or am I making this function up? hehehe

    >> sige next entry bibigyan kita ng screen name. 😛

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