BHS Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning. To make up for my disappointing treadmill workout last Tuesday, I decided to wake up early and run my 6Ks easy at BHS before I went work.


I was just doing an easy run, so I had time to look around and observe all the activities happening around me. BHS in the morning is very busy. You have the bikers going round and round, the morning walkers, morning walkers and their dogs, runners of all shapes and sizes, even skateboarders plus a family or 2 playing badminton.


I saw someone race walking around the loop again. I trailed behind him a bit. Control and form … it looked harder than running. 

Lotsa busy bees and real bees, too. I spotted several bees near R.O.X gathering nectar. Amazing!


Since it was just an easy run, I opted to stay on the sidewalk. When they are not fighting with you, its actually fun to watch the bikers. They make very sharp turns at very scary angles.


Completed 6.5k in 48min41sec. Average pace 7:29 min/km. Average HR 144. Oh btw, I finally got the Polar fixed yesterday and it didn’t die on me. The Polar is Alive!

What a great way to start the day!




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