Runnex@25:PR na subhour pa

pix later …

Got up at 4:12am. Mesh and Vicky will be picking me up at 10Q. I tried on the Runnex singlet … it fits! But decided to stick to my banana yellow tech shirt kasi yellow will go better with my hot pink Newtons. 😛

We arrived at UP at around 5:30am. We saw Baldrunner stretching at the parking area. hehehe I didnt snap a pix baka mabatukan ako.

We headed towards the starting line where they have the portalets. We were at the portalet line and Coach Rio was doing a countdown. He also explained the route. Unfortunately, this was only my second time to run at UP so Im not familiar with the landmarks he was giving.

We managed to check in 3mins before the starting gun and joined Beni and Harry. We were in the middle of the pack. I was worried about the stampede but decided to be brave and hoped that we dont end up as roadkill.

I was with Mesh and Vicky when we first went around the Oval. At this point, I have not decided yet on how I will run this race. Two days ago I was doubting if I prepared enough for the race. So I just decided to run with the mob. And observed the form of the other runners. I do so love watching the elite and master runners with their even and steady pace.

After half way around the oval, we turned right and followed the same route as the AIESEC Run for Fun. I was familiar with this area so I decided to ride the 2 downhills.

Out towards the Oblation. I wasn’t wearing my Ipod so to distract myself, I started spotting runners to overtake. Gabby said that this is one of his tricks. My first pick was a girl in aqua blue shirt. She was about 50 meters away from me. I increased my footstrikes a bit and kept my eye on AquaGirl. I didnt catch up with her until I reached the turnaround near the oblation. Next was PinkGirl. She had a group of runners with her. They kept a very good and even pace. A little hard to overtake because they were running almost shoulder to shoulder. I overtook them once but I had to slow down in one of the uphills and they overtook me. They were about 10meters ahead of me. I changed target and picked GreenMan. I didnt pass GreenMan and PinkGirl until after I got the blue straw.

Somewhere behind Palma, I checked my time. 34mins. Mathmathmath … we have passed the halfway point. Goodness! I can match my Condura time with possibility to finish at subhour. The thought of a subhour kept me going. This is where the first p****g point happened *burp* and I was fine again. I picked up speed too fast or was it the Rush?

At the oval, I saw the girl in the portalet line with me. She was running strong. I did wonder why she kept going “Hah!” but everytime she does I swear may speed bursts sya. Interesting. I kept pace with her.

When I turned right from the Oval, Attorney (silver gray hair neatly combed in place and running at sub 6min/km pace) passed me. He said, “Malakas.” Hmm…i think I just got a compliment. hehe

I kept him in sight and tried to match his footstrikes. I was able to hang on to his pace for about 500meters. Attorney was really strong and had lots of fans cheering him on. *bow* Sir, saludo ako sa inyo!

Somewhere before we hit the oval again, I looked at my watch, 50mins.  I tried to picture the rest of the route and estimated that I have a little over a 1km to go. Opened my GU and hoped for that extra kick it will give me.

55mins. I was at the the Oval, I heard someone’s Ipod playing the Superman theme yata … o baka Zorro. Basta, it was upbeat and helped me dig a little deeper. I was cross eyed na. Left turn. The finish line was so near yet so far. A lot of runners walking to the finish. It was very tempting to join them.

Then I could see the timer. 58:XX tik tik tik tik  59:00. Hay! *dance of joy* Crossed the finish line at 59:something. 2nd PPoint *burp*.

After getting my Hidden Spring, I joined Harry and his brother Hubert near the finish line to snap pix of Beni, Mesh and Vicky. Coach Rio was chatting with them. Congratulations Coach Rio and thanks for giving us  very well organised race. Chika chika … opps missed taking Mesh and Beni’s pix. I did manage to get one of Vicky.

Update: Official result: 10K : Harry 49:23 (extra speed from the shortsshorts?), Bards 59:41 (whew!), Mesh 1:03:55 (i will run it in 1:20 daw. hehe), Beni 1:04:19 (ang taga push ni mesh. mommy beni it worked) and Vicky 1:07:08 (kita ko rin na 1:06:xx when you crossed the finish line…hmmm.)  5K: Hubert 31:17 (Great 5K debut! Congrats.)

We all met up near the finish and line and had a brief race chikahan then I just had to ask them if they wanted to have pix with Baldrunner. He is part of my running icon pix list.

We went to the Project Donate a Shoe booth and met Baldrunner. He was very nice and gladly agreed to have pix with us. I was happy to see a lot of shoes at the booth. I also met Cecil (Miraclecello). He is so tall. Great to meet you Cecil. I wonder … is leg length directly proportional to speed. hehehe

After getting all the flyers for the upcoming races, it was time for breakfast. Yum!

Just like the other post race/run breakfast, it was full of running talks. Races to join. Train runs to do. We all missed racing with Tin. Kristine and Kathy didn’t join also. Sobrang kulang ang feeling. Btw, Tin, I think winner ka na. Cebu na ito talaga! 


8 thoughts on “Runnex@25:PR na subhour pa

  1. Hi Bards! Nakasabay kita sa last 3kms ng race from the U-turn slot to the finish line… Sabi ko na nga ba it was you… the banana yellow gave you away. hehe… Tinatabihan nga kita and I was so tempted to say hi but I didn’t want to distract you. I hate it sometimes when my pace changes because of other people who say hi or what… hehe

    I don’t know if you noticed but I’d overtake you a bit, and then you’ve overtake again… then I’d try to overtake again, then after a while, mauuna ka na ulit. Hehe! Then sa last stretch, you were too far away na. 🙂

    I was the person who looked like I was running out of season… red shorts, green singlet… (too early for Christmas!!!) and blue cap. Gee, ang sama ng color combo ko!

    >>haha! I thought that was you! I thought I recognized you near the Oblation turnaround. When I passed you I peeked kung ikaw nga but I wasn’t sure. Ya, the banana yellow shirt was a give away and in my world its the perfect pair for my hot pink shoes. Til the next race. Call out my name, nakikipagchikahan ako sa kahit race.

  2. It was nice meeting you Miss BananaRunner. The kit was a dead giveaway. And congratulations on going sub-hour for the first time. Based on my own short running life, that is usually the start of great things to come. Plus you have time on your side, so I bet you will achieve a sub-50 ahead of me.

    Height=wind resistance I think. I am in the wrong sport 🙂

    >>and this is where I say … sana mag dilang angel ka.

  3. Hi po. Sayang, di kita nakita. I was looking for you. Next race na lang. Congrats for the subhour PR! rhymes… hehehe =)

    >>next race nanaman … baka magkita na tayo. si eric nga katabi na pala kami run di pa kami naka hello. katawa.

  4. psst, blogging is fun 🙂
    >>ay bitin yung avatar mo, di kita nyorts. post ko mamaya whole body wehhehehe

  5. congrats on your PR and sub-hour run! i’m sensing you’ll be having more improvements in fuure races.. galing!

    ey Joe tanx! Sana tama ang spider senses mo. kakaingit mileage mo, astig!

  6. hello po regular reader din ako dito 1st time mg comments….congrats on your PR, syang diko kyo nkita maybe next race…

    >>hi jhunie. thanks for dropping by, reading yung mga kabaliwan ko sa pagtakbo and leaving a comment. its always nice to hear from people na naliligaw dito. i hope you enjoy the blog. next race, pagkita mo ako just say hello … or kung talagang kelangan may “po” … eh di say “hello po”. mwaharhar

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