Working out splits

Thursday was another quality workout day. I was just so glad that I was able to wake up on time and run for real. I reached BHS at 6:15am. After a quick warm-up, I started my tempo workout. The program for Thursday was 5K tempo at 6:00min/km. Without the Polar, I had to be a little creative. After a few mental calculations, I settled on running the big loop of BHS in 7:30min/round.

1st Round 7:07. I ran the first round a bit faster than planned. My form was good but I was breathing a bit harder and deeper.

2nd Round 7:11. For the second round, I concentrated on the form. I was using the Newtons so I paid attention to how my foot was landing. I noticed that the Newton is not as stable as my Mizuno Inspire. I have to adjust my stride a bit. I still finished faster than target. I swear the newtons are faster than my legs.

3rd Round 7:20. Since I was over the target pace, I changed my strategy and marked the midpoint of the loop ensuring that I complete half the loop in 3min45sec. It also helped that after the midpoint of the loop 2 junior runners moved a bit ahead of me. I just copied their pace.

4th Round 7:30. Ha! Hit it. Thanks to the 2 junior runners I joined. They were running effortlessly! Very elegant. I’ve seen them at the Mizuno Run Club. When we were nearing the end of the 4th round, I just had to ask. “Cooldown na kayo?” It would have killed me if they said yes because there I was dying to complete my last tempo round. Good thing they said “Hindi po.” Ha! Pride restored. They were probably doing their easy run … mwa har har har easy I can handle as long as their cool down pace is not my tempo.

When I was doing my cool down, I realized that I have been running quite a lot now. Im beginning to mentally compute my km splits…and I hate math. hehehe


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