Sunday Long Run and Tuesday Dream Run

Sunday 16K= 6 + taho + 6 + 2 with hills + 2

The original plan was to run the 10K route and finish off at BHS to complete individual goal kms. It’s a good plan because (1) we are encouraged to run a minimum of 10kms and (2) no one gets lost since we all still end up at the same place.


For the long run, Vicky, Beni and I met at 5am. They were both happy to run minimum of 12 so we agreed to run up to Heritage Park and back. We were running by 515 am and it was still cool.


We reached NAMRIA without much drama. Our pace was a very comfortable and chikahan pace of 7:30 – 8:00 min per km.


When we turned to Bayani Road, we found a pleasant surprise. They have finished the first half of the road works at Bayani Road. Lovely lovely asphalt. So up we go to Bayani Road and down to Heritage Park. My legs were still feeling very fresh and strong at this point. The cool weather was helping a lot.


Beni saw a taho vendor near Bayani Road and we decided to have a taho break when we return.


We did our turn around near C5. I did a few speed plays, 10 fast steps and 10 slow steps and ran towards the taho vendor.


If you ever run near Heritage you should try the taho. It was creamy and truly delicious. The vendor was also very generous with the arnibal.


After the taho, Beni transformed to Energizer Beni. Sus! As we approached McKinley Hill she turned to me and asked if I wanted to go down. Hell hill!!! 12 + 2 with hills. What’s another 2k and some hills between friends hehehe. We checked with Vicky –she is still recovering from shin problems — she was game. We all agreed to take it easy.


Opps roadblock! The guards at McKinley Hill didn’t want to let us in. Private? Luckily there was a billboard that says “Open House”. So we just pointed at the billboard and said Manong, okay lang. Open house di ba? 3 crazy runners. They just laughed and we went on our merry way. HH was still was hard as ever.


14ks and back at BHS. Crazy me told EnergizerBeni. “Ganda ng weather, sarap tumakbo. Hay, I can run for another hour.” Famous last words. She asked if we wanted to head towards ISM. Vicky begged off, she was only planning to do 12-13. She  decided to run one more round at BHS to complete 15.


Me and my big mouth … I can run for another hour … headed towards ISM with EnergizerBeni.


Based on Beni’s Ipod, my legs decided they had enough at around km 15.7.  We pushed on to complete 16kms and walked back to  BHS.


It was a great run! Beni sagot ko ulit taho next run 😛


Tuesday 6-7kms … in my dreams

I really thought I was able to complete my easy run this morning. I set the alarm. I remember turning it off. Then I was running na. Tapos, I was back in my bed. Sus! Will try to run later.


One thought on “Sunday Long Run and Tuesday Dream Run

  1. Bards,
    Salamat sa taho!!! The next is on me… a double please 🙂

    thanks … i think. double taho! oh no! im so scared. mwar har har har

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