FrankenRace: My Ideal Race

This is my race wishlist …





Online registration would be nice or just make sure it is somewhere easily accessible and available after work hours. I actually liked the online registration for the Subic Marathon. But registering with Baby outside some building in Ortigas for a Rudy Biscocho race is perfectly fine. She was so efficient when we registered for Condura. The New Balance registration at their outlets was also efficient. I also loved that they had a charity pre-race event when we collected our race packets and singlet.




Speaking of singlet … hay! For once, one time lang talaga, I would love to have a singlet I can wear again when I run. So far, everything has been too big. Sizes people! And there are female runners now … so a small male singlet is still too big for some female runners. Looking forward to joining an Adidas race, I’ve seen the singlet from the previous races and they are nice.


Race Packet


So far the race packets have been good … they have race info. The map is something that organizers have to work on. We would really appreciate one that is clear enough so we can actually decipher the route. Race bib with safety pins if it’s not too much to ask please.




A race with its own website, somehow gives the impression that that the organizers actually prepared for the race and gave the whole project some thought. The website can be something as simple as the Pinay in Action blog.


Nice to see in the website … a downloadable registration form so we just hand it in or online registration if possible, the map so we can decide if this race is something that we want to do, accommodation options if this is an out of town race and most important of all a training plan.


Training Plan?!?


Yes … if you plan the event early enough, you can actually get people to train up for the event. So Sunday joggers can start preparing for their first race. 5K runners can aim to race their first 10Ks and 10Ks can start to train for their 1st half marathon and so on. 


It would really be great if the training plans have levels too. Something tailored for beginner, intermediate and elite runners. This is of course not a new and novel concept as this is already done in other countries. Hopefully, we just don’t get people joining and running the races. We want them to be injury free through proper training … oh and as side effect faster too!


Race Day




Accurate measurement of distance is not too much to ask I think. When we prepare for our long runs, we usually get somebody to drive our planned route to measure the distance.


Too short and you cheat us into thinking we ran a fast race. Too long and you make us suffer.




Picture this … you are sprinting to the finish and you see the timer and you run a little faster to shave off a few seconds.


For me that is one of the best memories of being in a race. So if you can’t see the timer or there is none or it stopped, it’s just heartbreaking.


Starting Time


I will always love attending a Biscocho event because it always starts on time. It is a waste of our energies to be standing around in the pen waiting for the race to start. Pre-race programs are ideally short and completed before the announced start of the race.




Side shows during the race day itself is a great bonus but not a must.


Km Markers


It is good to know how far we have to go and how far we have ran. The Condura bonus of putting phrases that motivated the runners was a great touch.


Signages/Route Markers


I liked the On Your Mark run signages that say a race is on-going. It helps manage the expectation of the cars passing by. But more importantly the route markers must be visible and present at every intersection so runners don’t get lost.




Runners need to feel safe during races. We really appreciate it when Marshals assist us when we cross roads by making sure that no cars mess with us. Marshals at intersections wearing visible and easily recognized uniforms helping us cross streets and giving us directions are always appreciated. In case of emergency, it is also helpful to have a roving marshal.


Water Stations with Water





Post Race


Post Race Hyrdration/Nutrition


This is often neglected in races. I admit that my first 2 races made me think that all races have post race nutrition provisions. At the Mommy Milkshare Marathon, we had a sandwich, water and potato chips. My next race was Takbo para kay Ariel, we had 2 pandesal, 1 boiled egg, 1 boiled banana and water.


Now at the very least, I hope the organizers would have water for the runners. If they have bananas … ang saya!  If they offer more … hehehe bring it on!




Again, Mommy Milkshake had the best schwag. Condura’s corned beef and milk in the really nice bag was also super. Giveaways are always great and appreciated. Kung wala, okay din lang.


Finisher’s Medals


My friend Ian has heaps. Yes, naiingit na naman ako. He finished a few races with curfews. For example, 1hour for 10K or 2:30 for half marathon … if you come in within the curfew, you get a finisher’s medal. Heart breaking not to get one, but what a great way to motivate yourself, di ba.




We time our runs, measure our pace, heart rate and distance… but yes, we still want to know our official time and how we fared against the other participants.

Results released the day after the race is appreciated. Results accessible on-line is even better. Results emailed to participants will be fantastic.


Media Coverage


It’s always great to read or watch something you have been a part of. This is also an excellent opportunity to promote the cause and charities that the race is supporting and the running lifestyle.

So, what’s on your race wish list? 


5 thoughts on “FrankenRace: My Ideal Race

  1. bards, this is the best post i’ve ever read from a runner’s blog. you have covered comprehensively all the aspects in a road race which need to be improved or perfected. in the 80s, mr rudy biscocho had already perfected all these things to include the finisher’s medal & immediate results but there are other race organizers who are after the “bottomline”. additionally, i am including these things in your wish list—“runner’s chip”; photography along the route where a runner could order his picture while running in a road race; portalets in the start/finish area; souvenir program; free massage at the finish line aside from the free food & lots of water & maybe shower facilities at the finish line..and lots of bananas after the race. hope to see you soon!

  2. Tin – i wish for races in cebu too. we will come for a visit.

    BR – Thanks Baldrunner! Timing chips, photo and massage … heaven! We can only hope that our “hints” will reach the right ears. 😛 Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Hi Bards. Aside from what you have mentioned, I also like to run for a cause.

    >>oh yes yes yes to that. kaya our PIA race with Mila was very meaningful to me.

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