Lactic Threshold … I can feel it.

before i started my run, my big question was … can i do the 2×10 5min hard and run back harder pass the starting point. repeat. or will i run 3 repeats.

sadly … i was only able to do one and half …total 15mins speed workout. i knew the exact point where i reached my lactic threshold. legs felt like lead. masakit? oh yes! was it fun. oh yeah! i was hitting my speedform pace and it was fun. next time i think i will adjust my standing rest. maybe include a slow jog before the next repeat. I read somewhere that to develop and pushback the lactic threshold … one has to do more of this runs but always at the right training zone and the right amount of time. I think to tweak the workout i have to figure out the amount of recovery i need. im a work in progress… and i love troubleshooting.

I ran in my new newtons! Yey! They were hot pink and wonderful! will do a separate entry to review them.


2 thoughts on “Lactic Threshold … I can feel it.

  1. you probably ran too fast too soon… what they say is that if you end up walking (or in your case, didn’t get to finish) after your repeat… you went out too fast… kaya, baka kelangan slower pace muna for you to build up your LT 🙂

    >>true! true! plus i was running in a new pair of shoes. hyper and excited to run in them 😛

  2. Hi Bards! I’m Cat. Inspiring ang mga stories mo. True success stories. I’m very proud of Pinays like you. I’ve been reading blogs of Pinay runners who never seem to have finish lines in running theirs own races…in life and the exact race itself. PASSION! You guys truly gives me the drive to go further.

    I hope to see and meet you tomorrow. ;^.^;

    >>ey cat! hope you had a good race today. did you love the hills? mwahahahaha if you see me at the races just say hi! thanks for reading my wordsalad peppered with gram error and typos 😛 and you are right … the key is to run our own race. i know i will never be an elite runner but i can keep on putting one foot in front of the other just a little bit faster and longer.

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