My New Training Paces

 Today was another Tempo Run day. The plan was to run 1.5km @ 8:03min/km, 5km @ 6:40min/km and finish off with 1.5km @ 8:03min/km. This is the same workout as the last tempo.

I completed the warm-up with a little difficulty. I have a little pain behind my knee and it locks up my knees every few steps . After the warm-up, it faded a bit and soon enough I was hitting the 6:40min/km pace. With 1km to go in the tempo segment, I was still feeling strong. I knew I was doing good but I didnt feel like I was working hard enough. The effort level was different from last tempo workout even if my speed was the same. I walked the 1.5km cooldown and did a few stretches. I have a theory that my behind the knee pain is a sign that I should be stretching more after my runs.

While having breakfast, I kept thinking that the workout was not hard enough. Something was off. Sometimes you just know. It was a good run but it didnt feel like a tempo run.

Time to check my training pace and I think it needs to be adjusted. Using my new 10K time, I went to the Runner’s World site to calculate my training pace.

Training in the correct pace has lots of benefits. For me, I think its one of the reasons I have stayed injury free so far. It also keeps you from getting stale and makes you run faster. To get your own Training Paces here.

This is my new training pace.

Easy Run – 7:18min/km

Tempo Run – 6:07min/km (that’s why today it felt relatively easy)

Speedwork – 5:08min/km (ulk! I  wonder if my legs can go this fast …)

Long Run – 7:18min/km to 8:12 min/km

 Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “My New Training Paces

  1. Oh no Bards I have to alert you on this. The back of the knee pain, don’t baby that. I exerienced that when I followed the RW Smart Coach. The back of the knee pain started out faint then after a few weeks of unrelenting tempos I could barely walk. It got to a point when I almost fell to my knees after a treadmill tempo work out. The pain miraculously disappeared temporarily when one of the PTs saw me limping and gave a good leg stretch. After that I carried on thinking that was just what I needed. However, the pain kept recurring during tempo runs. I eventually traced it to a pulled muscle on my right calf. From then on, I backed off from RW and focused on Jeff Galloway’s program. Well, to each his own but just be careful that you do not overdo it.

  2. Bards, this is Bald Runner. this is just a suggestion..pls visit my blog or browse the internet and follow the Lydiard’s Method of Training for Running. bottomline? it takes a lot of time to develop strength & endurance (aerobic) capability of the body before you can introduce power & speed/tempo training (anaerobic) to your workout. if you take a shortcut, for sure, you will encounter injury or damage to your body. lydiard wants his athletes “fresh and smart” in races where they compete. patience is a good virtue in running if you want to improve and later excel. good luck!

  3. oh no no! no to injury!

    Thanks Tina and Baldrunner, will be checking out your suggestions. Will order na that JG book Tina, aliw sya. He made the mitochondria very exciting heehehe.

    Checked with a friend … thing is there is no test daw to see if it is pulled. But sa normal activities oks naman ako, like i can still go on tiptoes and stuff. She said might not be pulled calf. We agreed on maybe stressed. Nek week is my slow week … will really take it slow, promise. Will keep you guys posted

    And err … and there might be another reason for this behind the knee pain. It might have something to do with a wipeout I had at BodyJam. Grrrs …

    Btw, Baldrunner saw you also at Condura. Astig and time mo sir!

  4. Hey Bards, I tried to follow that RW Smart Coach program too….I think it did me more harm than good when I tried to do the prescribed speedwork and tempo runs, I felt sore for about 2 weeks. I think Baldrunner is right, I need a lot more baseline training in aerobic phase, as prescribed by Lydiard’s method. I don’t want to risk an injury this early in my budding racing career, hehe.

    Btw, saw your pic at PIA in TBR’s blog!

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