Condura Race: 10K PR!

Yesterday, I was thinking of getting a new HRM … as an incentive I told Tin and Mesh that if I run the Condura Race faster than the my 1:05 time at NewBalance, then I will reward myself.

At 4:45am we all received our wakeup text from Tin. I was just soo sluggish today. It took me forever to prepare. Arrived at out meeting place at 5:30am. The race host was already making runners check-in. After a few minutes, Tin and Kristine came closely followed by Mesh and Vicky. After our pre-race rituals we all headed out to the starting line. Checkin for 10K was a bit crowded but very festive. Lots of booths and a marching band as promised. As in previous races, we headed towards the back of the pack.

After Faith Cuneta sang the national anthem, the starting gun went off. We  were ready to start but the group in front of us was still standing as if waiting for the starting gun. Then I had an Aha! moment … they were running 5K! Broke away from that group and started sprinting after the 10k bunch. Vicky and I lost Mesh but she eventually found us. We also caught up with Tin. The 4 of us ran the whole race together.

My first strategy was to run after Harry. If I wanted to run below 1:05 he would be a good person to follow. Sadly, he was just too fast.

We started with a 6:00min/km pace. I was telling Vicky that we should slow down a bit. I was really worried about the flyover. It goes up, rolls&up again, one more roll&up again and then down down down. Tin and Mesh were really speeding up. At this point, I wondered if they wanted new HRMs also hehehe. I couldnt slow down, kakahiya naman, Im the one with the goal and they were just supporting me tapos I’d slow down. So up the flyover, roll&up, roll&up and down.

I was so impressed that there is water at the 2.5km as promised. My hats off to the organizers, you guys did not disappoint and even exceeded my expectations.

After the flyover, the 3km mark was there and … a group wearing the official race tshirts cheering! 😛

At Buendia, the km marks kept us motivated and focused throughout the course. The police were helpful also in making sure that we had road priority. Special thanks to the patient drivers who experienced delay due to the race.

Before going up the flyover again, we saw Anna. Yehey, we will have picture while running.

When we reached km7 … I realized that we were averaging below 6min/km. We can all PR … even subhour.

After going down the flyover, I wanted to go all out. However, SubicTrauma kicked in. What if they measured the course incorrectly, what if the finish line is farther than 1km pa. Kept the pace of 6min/km. When I turned the corner towards the starting line I saw the time was 1:00:15. Argh! So close to subhour. Harry was at the finish already cheering for us. Ran towards the finish … and finished at 1:00:something. Tin, Vicky, Mesh and Beni were just behind me. Kristine in just a few minutes behind us at around 1:12 (official result .. 1:11.)

After getting water, we claimed our free bag (with corned beef, low fat milk and juice), our T-Shirt and Php100 rebate. Great lootbag!

Im still giddyhappy! So this is what getting a PR feels like. Im doubly happy that all of us actually made new PRs.

Oh and we had picture taken with Mr. Biscocho.


To the organizers of the Condura Race, thank you for organizing a race to save one of our country’s treasures. The Tubbataha Reef is a nominee for the New 7 Wonders of the World. Go to and vote for the Tubbataha Reef! 

And higit sa lahat, (oh and I’m not saying this because I still have runner’s high) thank you so much for hosting a great race. It was such a wonderful experience. You have set the bar high and with style. I just hope other race organizers will follow your example.

PS. Please organize a full marathon … pleeeeeease!


4 thoughts on “Condura Race: 10K PR!

  1. Bards, congrats on the PR! Hardcore running addict ka na rin! Make sure you call me next time you see me…

    Condura was a very well planned and enjoyable race, this should be the benchmark of all races!

  2. thank you so much you enjoyed the condura race. will see you next year on March 1, 2009.
    we will be having a 3,5,10 and 21k category.
    Patrick Concepcion

    >>Woohoo! a Half … that would be great … you guys dont want to make it a Full na? ;P

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