I was off sick Monday and Tuesday … bad case of colds, mixed with lotsa body pain and cottoncandy brain. In between staring at the TV and sleeping, I was planning my runs. Hey, if I can’t run, I can obsess about it.

One of my major decisions is to start cross training. This would mean dropping some dance classes and replacing it with swimming and cycling … all to be done in the comfort of the gym.

I suppose this is one of the ways one ends up in the path towards triathlon. You start crosstraining and you just put it all together. Or there are those who just loves the pain and suffering … err … challenge. I browsed through a back issue of a triathlon magazine … reading the articles and seeing gears makes it all very interesting.

Too bad, I can’t swim to save myself … the thought of swimming away from the shore absolutely terrifies me. Oh and the last time I was on a bike, I terrorized a peaceful neighborhood … the incident includes almost running over a bbq stand and a nun!

On the plus side, I already have a bike. Pasalubong from Amsterdam … its light weight, easy to transport and pink!



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