Sole Searching

Since it’s the love month, I figured it would be timely to write about commitment. Im ready to make a commitment and I would like to share it with you. Ey!! Keep on reading … no shmooshymushy stuff, promise!

A couple of weeks ago, the column on my running log for kms ran on my Mizuno Wave Inspire 3.0 turned red. It was a signal that I have logged more than 500 kms and I need a new pair. My Mizunos still looked fine but Im beginning to notice that it is losing cushioning and soles are a bit worn out. Also, most running articles say that you have to replace your running shoes every 6 months or after every 300-400 miles. Plus one of the things I’ve learned these past few months is that replacing worn out shoes is very important to avoid running injuries. With all these, I have enough excuses … errr reasons … to buy new shoes.

As runners, one of the biggest commitments we make is when we buy our running shoes. Join me in my quest for a new pair.

My major dilemma is … do I just buy the same model and brand or should I try a new brand.

Before I picked up my first issue of Runner’s World magazine, my running shoes decision make process was quite easy.

I like Nike … so must be a Nike.

I love getting a bargain … so must be on sale.

I’m a girl … so the cute factor must be high.

I got my first pair of running shoes on sale. It was a teal Nike with very unique lacing system. Unfortunately my legs didn’t like running in them. Its hard to explain but this pair didn’t make running easy or fun for me.


My next pair was the Nike Free 4.0. I saw a TV ad and it looked interesting. This is the pair that really got me started running. For shoes with very thin soles, it was quite comfortable and I didn’t have problems with the cushioning. Unfortunately, they were not very durable. I was only able to use it for 3 months before it started to fall apart. Yup, fall apart, the design of the free was that it had a stretchy fabric for the heel counter and this fabric developed a tear in my shoe.

So my Nike Free was falling apart and I needed a new pair. By this time, I’ve started reading Runner’s World shoe guide. I’m learning about cushioning, flexibility and responsiveness and arch types. It’s all fascinating and it opened up a whole new dimension in shoe shopping for me. So from deciding based on brand and price, I moved to deciding based on arch type, cushioning

In my quest to find my arch type and the running shoe suited for my foot type. I found Mizuno. At Mizuno, they have a box with a glass top that you stand. It has a mirror underneath and the sales person can see the imprint of your soles. This will determine your arch type and what kind of shoe will suit you best. Pretty neat tool!

So I went to Mizuno at Bonifacio High Street. I was very lucky that the sales person I talked to can actually talk running shoes. He looked like a runner too. He made me stand on the box and said that I had mid to low arches. We talked about my running and I told him I also experience pain in my knees when I run longer distances. He figured I have pronation and recommended the Mizuno Wave Inspire 3.0.  Running on my Mizuno was pure fun … but as they say … some good things never last.


I also knew that since I’m running 4x a week, I needed a second pair to give the Mizuno a rest. I found New Balance 1222 on sale. It was such great bargain and I couldn’t resist. It had great review. So I bought it, ran once in it and never ran in it again. The cushioning was just bad. I use it now when I weight train so its not a total loss.

So back to my dilemma… Do I just buy another Wave Inspire 3.0? If I do, I’m guaranteed to have good runs in it. My only problem with Mizuno is that they have very limited colors, so if I stick to Inspire, I will end up with the same color (I don’t like the other color its white with crayola red violet touches). Or should I be brave and try a new brand altogether.

After a lot of soul este sole searching and window shopping, I’ve finally made my decision.

I will try a new brand … Newton Running!


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No! I did not decide to get this pair because its hot pink. But hehehe its one of the deciding factors. This pair is supposed to promote forefoot running and make yourun faster. I read the hype and bought the pitch … Mesh ordered na! We just need for friend-in-law to bring it to Manila. Check out the site for more details on the shoe. I will do a review once I get my pair.


And thanks to my Kuya Dups contribution to my running shoe fund I can get another Inspire! Yey! Friends tried to buy me the latest update but unfortunately they couldn’t find my size in HK. Thanks Mitch and Pia for shoehunting for me! And yes, I will get the same color of 3.0. I’m more of silver/orange than white/crayola red violet.


Hopefully if I alternate these 2 shoes I will be able to make them last a little longer.


I’m running proof that we are just a shoe away from running longer and faster. I hope this entry will help when it’s your turn to make that all important commitment.


Check your shoes maybe its time for some sole searching!


Huling hirit … I wish Planet Sports, Mizuno and other running shoes retailer will start having treadmills in their shops para we can really make an informed decision when we go running shoes shopping.


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