2008 Running Goals

I tried running last Thursday but my quads, calves and hams said they didn’t want to yet so I scraped my walk/run plan. I think I will stick to walking, elliptical trainer and BodyBalance next week.

I’ve put off listing down my running goals for the year. I wanted to focus first on Subic. Now that Subic is gone and done … I have to come up with a new list and a new plan.

I’m honestly feeling a bit I’m lost on what to do next. I’m tempted to just do the 3 runs a week but I’m so used to having different kinds of runs and following a plan that I feel I would get bored or end up just pushing for speed and get injured the process.

So here is my list. This year I want to …

 Run faster. My last 10K race pace was 6:30min/km. I want to shave off some seconds. So I think a 6:00min/km 10K race pace is realistic. If I cant … anything lower than 6:30 is fine with me. I’ve seen a few programs but I’m still trying to figure out which plan to use.

 Stay Injury-free. So far, even if I’m such klutz, I don’t have any serious running injury. I plan to stay this way. So I will continue to lift weights and remain flexible with yoga/pilates. I really need to start cross training … maybe bike or elliptical. Continue to train my heart to get stronger, I’ve been reading up on this and they said it is recommended that we do 90% of training at about 75% of max heart rate. (click here to calculate your target heart rate)

Complete a Full Marathon. They said that New Balance will have a full marathon at the end of the year. I hope … please New Balance … they announce it early so I will have enough time to train for it.

 Have Runner’s Abs. If I get lucky, and remain disciplined, I hope to have runner’s abs. Hehe Wish ko lang!


6 thoughts on “2008 Running Goals

  1. yep can relate! after the half marathon… what next!?!?! my 2008 goal is to be a faster runner…like run a 10k in an hour…so 6min/km pace…. ASA! puede naman mangarap diba??

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