Woohoo! Another 18K long completed

18k Long. I was going to go long and slow so I started early last Sunday.

I was warming up by 4:45 am.


This is actually a funny time to start running at The Fort. Its like watching the 
changing of guards. The crowd from Embassy is starting to ease out and go home 
while the runners are beginning their warm-ups. The people on the street is a mix 
of those walking off their beers and those warming up for their runs.
After a few laps around the McDonald’s and the sun started to rise so I was able 
to run the course I planned for myself. For this run, I prepared a 3hour playlist. 
I know I was underestimating myself but I didn’t want to run out of running music 
before I finished the 18K.
Ran a long 18K in the same area but at the back of my mind is that nasty thought
that I might not have enough power to finish another 18.
But 5Ks later, I still felt strong and my confidence level went up. I  knew then that I 
can finish the 18k running. After Km7, my tummy started growling so I walked a bit 
and ate my banana and some dark chocolate M&Ms. I think if I buy smaller bananas
I can fit 2 in my fuel belt.
I just followed the route I planned to take and pretty soon completed 12Ks and was 
facing the hills near the Chinese International School.  Argh! I started slowing down 
and ended up walking most of most of the uphills. Looking back, even if the hills killed 
me, I would still rather run a course with hills rather than run a flat course. 
A flat course is just too boring.
Finished the 18K in 2H22min. I was pleased and the best thing is I actually 
managed to finish it near Mcdo. I didn’t have to walk very far to get to breakfast.
I spent the next hour eating a leisurely breakfast and reading the Sunday paper. 
*sigh* Perfect ending to a great run.
22K next Sunday!


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