3 Cups of rice for my 10K Time Trial

We had sinigang na baboy for dinner last Saturday. Since I was scheduled to do 10km time trial on Sunday, I said, “Oh! Great timing.” 

I had 2 cups of rice  I was carbo loading. A little before midnight, I saw some left over sinigang and decided to have another cup of rice with my sinigang for midnight snack…I was carbo loading. 

Sunday 5:00 am, I woke up and I still felt full. Ugh!  

When I started running I still felt heavy and bloated. Hay! Disaster. 

I extended my warm-up to help my body adjust and swore never to use carbo loading as an excuse again for my ricefests.  

Overall, the run was not a total disaster. I completed my 10K in 1:06:29. It’s slower than my NB PowerRace time but considering I didn’t have anybody pushing me and my excess from the night before was weighing me down…I’m quite satisfied with this time. 

No more running until after Christmas. No more excuse to carbo load hehehe

For my next 18K long, I think I will just stick to my tried and tested pre-race/long run meals of rice lunch, pasta dinner and pasta and banana breakfast.


2 thoughts on “3 Cups of rice for my 10K Time Trial

  1. Hi Bards

    Merry Christmas! Wish you faster times in 2008!

    Ugh, this holiday season has been a poor excuse for carbo-loading (glycogen and fats and all, ie., carbo in all their different stages and forms)

    To pay for my sins I abandoned my training program for a week. Rather than doing tempos and speedwork, I am doing more of those slow runs to stay in the fat-burning zone.

    Hope to get on track soon.

  2. hey tina. great catching up with you yesterday. i know what you mean…hay noche buena! buckle up coz new year’s eve feast coming up. Doing my 18K long this weekend … wish me luck!

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