My 2007 Races

Here are my 2007 Races: Mommy MilkShake Marathon, Takbo Para Kay Ariel, Fitness First Run for a Cause, New Balance PowerRace and Yakult 10Miler

and here are my fearless raves and rants … feel free to add yours about these races and the other races as well.

Mommy MilkShake Marathon

Best Loot Bag Barbizon underwear, alcogels, malunggay tablets  etc

Best Post Race Food tuna sandwich & potato chips

Most Number of Water Stations per kilometer 5 for the 2k course

Takbo Para Kay Ariel 

Best Surprise Ending we thought we were running 5K and it turned out to be about 7Ks

Best Local Police Assistance the traffic aides assigned near Nichols were very helpful when we were crossing SLEX

Runner-up for Best Post Race Food 1 saging na saba, 1 hard boiled and pandesal, they really know how to help you recover 

Fitness First Run for a Cause

Craziest Registration Ever maybe next year it will be better  

New Balance Power Race

Best Website of Race Results Of the 5, they were the only one with the website for results. The results were immediately available online. 

Worst Finish Line Chute Ive always wanted to be on a red carpet … but for clumsy people like me its very hard to run on carpet if the ground underneath is uneven.  

Yakult 10Miler

Most Prompt Race It was the only race I attended that started on time or probably even a couple of minutes earlier than scheduled.

Course with the Most Sideline Attractions not really part of the actual race plan but the aerobics classes where fun to watch and their music was equally entertaining

Saddest Post Race Sustenance  just one Yakult, but as a friend said you only need one a day. No banana boo-hoo!

So excited to start joining races in 2008! (More bananas please!)

any rants/raves for races you’ve joined?


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