Hamster Speedwork

Yesterday was my Speed day. The program asks for 8 x 500m with 1min standing rest. I did this in the treadmill. I actually like doing speedwork in the treadmill because you can set the speed and then you can just stick to it or be a quitter.


Whenever I do speedwork my ongoing dialogue is “I can do this … maybe not … just a bit more … but my legs are getting

tired … but its just a few more minutes/meters … but im dying …” Then pretty soon the interval is over and I can relax.  

A track is probably the purist preferred venue but it’s a bit boring to run in an oval. I’ve only done it once (at the Marikina Sports Center) and after a couple of rounds it will drive you crazy…

Every training day I complete and survive is a victory in itself for me.

Subic here I come!


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