Plan D: Run for It!

At 6am last Sunday, I was dressed and ready for my long run. I was so excited. I was in Baguio and I can run all the uphills and downhills I like. The Camp John Hay route we checked out the night before will take us very near a Starbucks for a great ending.

Sadly, it started drizzling and then it was all out rain. So I waited and waited finally at 9am I gave up. I knew i would not be able to run so I just attacked the breakfast buffet and made alternative plans.

The half marathon training plan I’m following requires me to run 4 times a week. I rest before and after my long runs.


Plan B is long run on Monday to make up for missed Sunday run, rest on Tuesday, do speedworks on Wednesday, recovery run on Thursday and tempo run on Friday. This way I will still be able to complete the required runs for the week.

For my long run yesterday, I was planning to run outside but when i woke up yesterday it was raining again.

So on to my Plan C …. i decided to I’d split my planned 16k to 2 and hamster it in the gym. In between the 2 runs, I’d attend a dance class. I got to the gym a bit late but just in time to attend hiphop class. I know its not the best crosstraining for running but i like the hiphop dance class. 3/4 into the class… I looked outside and the sky looked clear. Very promising..

Plan D … run for it. I stepped out of the class and out of the gym. Rain or no rain I will run outside. Outrun the rain! I haven’t even finished my warm up when the drizzling started …  I decided to take shelter, really didn’t want to get sidelined by a cold. On and off rain … stop and go running. I was determined to run outside even if I had to stop every now and then. 15 minutes later, the bratinella triumphed, the rain finally stopped.

I ran around Salcedo village. If you start at the McDonalds in HV dela Costa and then turn  right at Valero St its about 2Kms. I also did a couple of loops around the park near LP Leviste St. The streets around Salcedo Village were lit enough, not that well lit but enough that you won’t trip or fall into a manhole. There are also a lot of building security guards around so I kinda felt safe. I liked going through LP Leviste and Tordesillas streets also because the side walk was relatively even.


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