Im an Exerciser, soon to be a Warrior

RW March 2007 has an article about the different kinds of runners. I read it and realized Im an Exerciser. I basically run for the weightloss… here is my story.

I’ve tried to do the couch potato to 5k programs several times and failed. Finally, last July, I managed to run fo 30 minutes straight. Yahoo!

 Oh, be kind… I’ve been trying to do that for a year. By sheer wit and talent, I finally managed to run for 30 minutes… and that is how my running life began. Once I was able to actually run for 30 minutes I was able to vary speed and aim to complete certain distance.

I dont think I will ever break any record. The farthest I’ve ever run is 13K (and its on the treadmill). But I am putting one foot in from on the other much faster now.

Soon … to be realistic … lets just say someday I will be a Warrior who will be motivated by how far and how fast I can go. But for  now, I will just enjoy melting the fat away and trimming down my tummy.

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